In 2014 Mi Polin was responsible of the graphic design and the idea of the March of Rememberance. It refers to the Ringelblum Archive. We chose signatures of real people from documents from the Archive. The names represent all the 300 000 victims – Jewish residents of Warsaw murdered in Treblinka. The colors of the names were taken from original colors of the signatures. Participants of the March of Rememberance got ribbons with these names, which commemorate. At the place where the Archive was found everyone could tight his ribbon to a sculpture, which was later brought to the Jewish Historiacl Institute. At the end participants got a testament of Nachum Grzywacz, one of those who hid all the documents for next generation to show the truth. On the other side were printed all the names. One name from a ribbon became a part of many other.


Realised for Jewish Historical Institute