Łódź, Rewolucji 18 st, Łodzkie region





While searching for mezuzah traces in Łódź, in the workshop of bookbinder at Rewolucji 18 we found a mezuzah containing a scroll. The owner of the workshop agreed that we can take this mezuzah with us but after that she said that she would prefer this mezuzah to remain in that place.


„Because this mezuzah has grown into this place and when I found out what it is I would feel inexplicably sad when it’s gone” she explains.


Immediately after this conversation we reminded ourselves that the great Rabbi Remuh (Moshe Isserles) of Cracow predicted such an event centuries ago. He decreed that if removing mezuzahs would be received by the new tenants as an expression of lack of confidence in them, it should be left in the name of preserving good relations between Jews and non-Jews. Now the current owner of the workshop is responsible for the mezuzah, which can be seen by anyone who wants.