Częstochowa, Targowa 14. Sląskie Region 


This mezuzah was ordered by Ruth Elias, whose ancestors lived in this building before War. She shared with us a story:


“David Hoffer, my grandfather was born in Biala Podlaska and moved to Czestochowa.  He and his wife, Rochma nee Schacher, had three children who grew up in this home.  They were Sarah, Basia and my father – Israel. They lived in Targowa 14 in Czestochowa.


 Ruth Elias about bronze mezuzah:


This imprint opened the door to recovering my family’s history and led to the finding of heretofore unknown surviving descendants of the Hoffer side of my family in New York, Florida, and San Francisco.  It is a very powerful experience to move forward from the Holocaust while retaining the memory of our lost loved ones encapsulated in this Mezuzah ”