Sokołów Podlaski, Wilczyńskiego 4 (before the War – Rogowska st.). Mazowieckie region



In this building there was a butcher’s shop, which belonged to Aaron Elster’s parents. After the World War II he wrote a book about his life “I Still See Her Haunting Eyes: The Holocaust & a Hidden Child Named Aaron”.


He describes:

My parents have butcher’s shop on Rogowska street. Over the  entrance there is a hand-painted sign showing carcass and chopper. My mother serves customers, talks with them. At first she weighs portions, then adds some extra meat or bones. Our shop is unusuall, because we sell non kosher meat, so our customers are not Jews.”


We arrived to Sokołów on Sunday morning, June 22. We saw that the old door was replaced by a new one. We were very lucky, because we found the old door and door frame with a trace of mezuzah at the back yard, with a garbage. A resident of the building told us that the door was replaced on Friday and on Monday it would be taken to a garbage dump or burned. Immediately we decided to save it and take it with us. We transported it by bus to Helena’s home.


The mezuzah was ordered by Katarzyna Markusz.