Góra Kalwaria, Piłsudskiego 13, Mazowieckie region


The tenement was built in 1904. There were shops at the ground floor. The owners of the building lived at the first floor. Apartments in outbuilding were for rent. Before 1939 the tenement belonged to a few people: Yankiel Itzek Rapaport, Ryveh Messyng, Izrael-Moshe Lichtenshtein, Mendel Tauman, Abram-Moshe Kielmanowicz, Shlama-Mayer Kielmanowicz, Faiga-Ruchla Kielmanowicz i Yosek Całka. After 1945 the building become a property of Polish State Treasury. The building was not destroyed at all during the World War II. Born in 1899, the member of Messyng family, Wolf Messyng, was a well known fortune teller. By the time he was a teenager he was performing to the public. He draw an attention of Albert Einstein and Sigmunt Freud who conducted some experiments with him. In 1937 he said that if Germans will attac Russia, they will lose the war. After World War II he escaped to Russia, where he worked for Joseph Stalin. He died in 1974.