Mezuzah from this home

Poland had 3,5 million Jewish inhabitants before the World War II. In almost all Jewish houses there was at least one mezuzah – all together in Poland could be a few million. During the War almost all Jews perished and with them these mezuzot. Today, 70 years after the War and decades of Polish People’s Republic there are almost no traces left. The traces are witnesses for the Jewish inhabitants in Poland, an emptyness and symbol of these, who passed away.


The „Mezuzah from this house” is a series of new mezuzot – bronze casts of these traces that commemorate the Jewish lives of pre-war Poland.


Behind each cast mezuzah is a slot for inserting a klaf. When you affix the mezuzah to your doorframe, you fill the emptiness and give it a second life. Touching the mezuzah activates a link between past and present. Sitting untouched for many years, these mezuzot can now fulfill their holy function again. At the side of each mezuzah there is a letter Shin engraved.


All bronze mezuzahs are avaiable for sale. We also make a bronze mezuzahs for special orders. If your ancestros came from Poland, write to us We will go to your ancestros home town and make a mezuzah for you.